The attraction of Hosanna


We support your proceeding to the next level of education, or finding a job


Only 45 minutes by train from Shinjuku, downtown Tokyo. Hosanna is in the city with a lot of greenery.


Hosanna will give you support for your life in Japan; dormitory, scholarship and student loan, Part-time-job, etc.

Hosanna Academy

Tokyo is for this

kind of students

Foreign Students

Foreigners living in Japan

Companies who employs foreigners

The location of

Hosanna Academy Tokyo


We are in Fussa, a city in Tokyo, where you can enjoy the beautiful greenery.


Haijima is avery unique area in Tokyo where there is a American Military Base. You can feel both Japanese and foreign atmosphere.


The common room is equipped with a common room where you can communicate with friends from all over the world.

Watch the movie clip of Hosanna Academy Tokyo.

Watch the movie clip

of Hosanna Academy Tokyo.

You can learn Japanese language,

life and wonderful culture of Japan

as well at Hosanna Academy Tokyo!

Learning while having fun.
That's what makes Hosanna unique.


Come work with us.

We are here to help students

with their dreams and aspirations.


Who we are

The school respects the individuality of each student and provides detailed support in small classes to meet the needs and characteristics of each student and responds to their passion for learning.

Address: 1443-5 Kumagawa,
Fussa-shi, Tokyo 197-0003

TEL: 042-513-5215

FAX: 042-513-5216

Go to Hosanna

Directions to Hosanna!
5 minute walk from the nearest station, Haijima Station.

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