January 1, 2021

Hosanna Academy Japanese Language School, Tokyo School

Hosanna Academy Japanese Language School, Tokyo School fully recognizes the importance of managing personal information, complies with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information". We have hereby established a basic policy regarding the protection of personal information and will promote appropriate and reliable management of personal information.

1. Acquisition, Use, Provision, etc. of Personal Information
  • When acquiring Personal Information, we will identify the Purpose of Use as clearly as possible, use lawful and fair means to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose, and obtain consent.
  • When using Personal Information, we will limit the use to the scope of the Purpose of Use that has been clearly stated, notified, or announced to the person, and we will take measures to prevent use for purposes other than those stated.
  • When providing Personal Information to a third party or outsourcing its handling, we will do so lawfully and within the scope of the Purpose of Use for which the individual has given consent.
2. Regarding Implementation of Safety Measures
To ensure the accuracy, safe usage of the information, security plans against leakage, destruction or damage to Personal Information are put in place.
3. Regarding Complaints or Consulting
If there are any complaints, or consultations, from the customer we will take immediate action. If a customer wants to delete, correct or stop the distribution of the Personal Information, we will respect the customers wishes and take proper measurements without a delay.
4. Regarding Observations of the Law, Guides or Following the Rules Defined by the Government
In order to ensure proper protection of Personal Information, we will comply with laws and regulations regarding the handling of Personal Information, guidelines established by the government, and other norms.

For inquiries regarding Personal Information

1443-5 Kumagawa, Fussa, Tokyo 197-0003


Hosanna Academy Japanese Language School, Tokyo School Personal Information Protection Manager

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